What is “BorealBound” ?

As the name describes, it is a desire, a goal, a passion of mine to explore the great boreal forest of this land now called Canada.

Hi! My Name is Rob, and I’m an outdoors enthusiast….well at least I’m trying to be! After lots of great wilderness experiences as a child and young adult, I “settled down” after university and became stuck in the corporate rat race. I’m now in my early 60’s, and after sustaining a head injury and subsequently leaving the workforce, I’m trying to allow my inner child back out again!! Nature is good medicine, and has become a primary source of healing and rejuvenation for me.

Follow me if you would like, and see how I re-immerse myself into the wilderness. I promise you an unvarnished view of my successes, failures, and learnings along the way.

Happy trails!

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